Whether you are a seasoned smoker, or a novice that enjoys the occasional smoke with their friends, we’ve got a cigar for you!

We carry an endless variety of flavors ranging from spicy, sweet, peppery, salty, harsh, nutmeg, earthy, woody, cocoa, cedar- the list goes on.

Short, fat, tall, small, pear-shaped, when it comes to cigars-we don’t discriminate.

We carry all major brands of hand-rolled premium cigars, including Arturo Fuente, Ashton, Padron Anniversary, Litto Gomez, Opus X, Davidoff, and Gurkha.

We also carry hard-to-find boutique cigars like J. Fuego, El Titan DeBronze, George Rico, El Rey del Mundo, Imperio Cubano, and Casa Magna.


And for the ladies we also carry light, mild-flavored cigars!

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